You make MISO happy card - made by Ahn

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Valentine's Day

Send your Valentine a personalised card, and raise money for charity.

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose a design to your liking

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Fill in all details

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Personalise your message

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Step 5

We take care of the delivery

Step 6

Congratulations, you have send a card and raised money for charity!


Choose your design


You make MISO happy card - made by Hien Anh


You take MUSHROOM in my heart card - made by Hien Anh

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I love you 's more card - made by Allison & Sari

I loaf you - made by Allison & Sari

You're the sweetest - made by Allison & Sari

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I loaf you card - made by Allison & Sari

card v design (1).png

You're the sweetest - made by Allison & Sari


You are my butter half! card - made by Anh Bui


Donut forget that I love you card - made by Anh Bui


I appeachiate you card - made by Anh Bui


Words cannot espresso how much u mean to me! card - made by Anh Bui

Ordering for this event is not possible anymore, we thank everyone who placed an order!


The Charity

William Booth Orphanage Salvation Army is the orphanage chosen by us to realize the distribution of aid in the form of funds that will be obtained through the Valentine's Day project on the 14th of February 2021.


The orphanage has a total of 23 foster boyswith ages ranging from 7 years to 21 years. The reason for choosing this orphanage arises from hearing the injustice experienced by the orphanage where they should have received funds from the Salvation Army abroad, but in fact they did not receive any funds at all and had to seek funds independently through donations from some people in the community. Our hearts are also moved to help William Booth Orphanage by seeing the vision, mission, and goals of the orphanage, which is to make the life of the foster children there prosper by providing proper education and proper daily needs.


In addition, the orphanage currently has high hopes of being able to upgrade or improve some of their facilities and provide their foster children with new underwear and socks since many children are now growing fast. Besides, there are also several needs that must be encountered, such as purchasing books, stationeries, paying for vocational education costs, electricity, propane, water, telephone and internet bills, staff's salary, and gasoline.


Therefore, through the donations from the Valentine's Day project, we hope we hope to spread positivity and give them the awareness that many people still care about them even though they do not have complete families.


About this Cause

The ultimate goal of this event is to raise money for the William Booth Orphanage in Bali. In order to succeed this mission UFWH, ISA and the Stenden Bali Representative Council partnered up to sell Valentine's cards

90 percent of the raised money goes to the charity. The remaining 10 percent goes to UFWH and ISA Leeuwarden


The cards are designed by students from NHLstenden in Leeuwarden. The cards are designed to create awareness for world hunger. Currently, 795 million people are dealing with hunger. To find out more about UFWH please visit their facebook.