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Our Mission

The International Student Association stands for Unity Amongst Diversity. It does not matter what course you are enrolled in or what country you are from, everyone is welcome in ISA! Due to our experience, we have a better understanding of how and what needs to be done for students, in order for them to enjoy a better student life.

We aid our members by: 

  • Organising events & masterclasses in order to balance school work and fun; 

  • Multiple discounts offered by our sponsors;

  • Offering tips and tricks that help you enjoy Leeuwarden at its finest as well as helping you adjust to your new Dutch Life; 

  • Teaming up with other Associations to bond members and provide some educational events; 

  • You will also be able  to join our What’s App group where you are free to connect with fellow students and stay up to date on all things ISA has to offer. 


You are part of a big international family


Join the amazing events organised by ISA


This card offers great deals


Build your (international) network, to broaden your life in Leeuwarden

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