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Opening a Dutch Back Account

Due to the fact that paying in cash is not wildly spread in The Netherlands, opening a Dutch bank account is something that can make your every day a hundred times easier. ING, ABN, AMRO, Rabobank. These are the most well-known and famous banks that offer student packages. The process of getting your very own debit or credit card is fairly easy, complimentary and you need nothing else but a BSN number, an ID or passport, and a letter of admission from the university. 

For your time in the Netherlands, we strongly advise you to open a Dutch bank account. It means you won't have to pay huge transaction fees and you'll have access to an online payment tool that's linked to your bank account. In the Netherlands, iDEAL is the most common online payment method, and it is also used at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. iDEAL is a payment method comparable to PayPal.

You must be enrolled at NHL Stenden and registered as a local resident with the municipal authorities in order to obtain a bank account. You have the option of opening an account at the campus branch or online. To open a Dutch bank account at the campus branch, you must make an appointment.

To open a bank account, you will need

Passport (not a copy)

Proof of enrolment at NHL Stenden

Citizen Service Number

Rental Contract

Choice of Bank

The choice of bank is completely up to you. We have listed the two major Dutch banks who might be interested for students.

ING Bank

Need help with opening your Dutch bank account? Contact Us!

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