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Applying for a BSN number

Every international student needs to register themselves in the town they are studying within five days of arrival. After registration at the town hall, you will receive your BSN number (citizen service number). You will need this BSN number to open a Dutch bank account and for further correspondence with the Dutch government. In this article, we will explain to you in detail how to apply for a BSN number and a DigiD. 

Within five days of arrival, all international students must register with the municipality of the city where they will be studying (city hall). We urge that you do it as soon as possible because you will need the BSN number (citizen service number) that you will obtain after completing the registration process in order to create a Dutch bank account. Please keep in mind that receiving your BSN number can take up to three weeks.

Bring the following documents to the city hall (gemeente huis)

Passport or ID card

Rental Contract

Original Birth certificate with original translation (if it is not in Dutch or English)

NHL Stenden proof of Admission

Visiting the cityhall in Leeuwarden

Students have to register at the city hall. In order to make thinks easier for you, you will need to make an appointment online, you can do so by using the following link.

Schedule appointment

You can make an appointment in week 35/36 and 37 on Thursday and Friday from 13:30 until 20:00 hour


The office is located at Oldehoofsterkerkhof 2 in Leeuwarden.

Getting a DigiD

DigiD (short for Digital Identification) is a type of online ID that allows you to use many of the Netherlands' services and government websites. It's similar to having a digital passport or driver's license.

The DigiD is made up of a username and password that are linked to your public service number (BSN).

Why do I need a DigiD

You need your DigiD to do your administration online in the Netherlands. This includes doing your taxes, applying for benefits and allowances, and have access to DUO to arrange your student financing and free student public transport.

Apply for a DigiD

Applying for a DigiD is quick and easy. Follow the button below and fill in all the necessary information. If you have applied for a DigiD, you will receive a letter with an activation code within three working days. You can complete the activation of your DigiD account in the DigiD app. Thereafter, both account and app are activated. After activation you can log in. 

Need help with getting your Citizen service number Contact Us!

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