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“Together we will not only help people in need and spread awareness about hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity, and portraying other UN SDGs through art, but we will also bring color, creativity and fun to our everyday lives.”   




SustainARTbility art exhibition organized by UFWH NL, and ISA Leeuwarden is to mobilise various artists, and students, from NHL Stenden and in Leeuwarden city, and beyond, will display various types of art, all reflecting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with focus on goal #2 Zero Hunger. The ultimate purpose of this art exhibition is to raise awareness for the sustainable development goals brought up by the United Nations, as a widespread plea to action to end poverty, protect our vulnerable planet, and to ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity by 2030. 


All art pieces will be sold to anyone interested and the proceeds will benefit Port Alfred Soup Kitchen in South Africa across the street from our Stenden South Africa campus and student associations UFWH NL and ISA Leeuwarden. Other UN SDGs such as No Poverty, Good Health, Well-being and Quality Education will also be portrayed through art created by students, teachers of NHL Stenden and artists of Leeuwarden city. 


The event will take place in early September to open up World Food Day on 16th October 2021.  Follow our social media platforms and this website for more information regarding the event. We will keep you posted! 


This art exhibition is brought to you by Universities Fighting World Hunger the Netherlands (UFWH NL) and International Student Association (ISA) Leeuwarden affiliated with NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. 


UFWH is a global network of universities collaborating together to strengthen the voice of the rising younger generation. This upcoming generation that is calling for a world free from food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition. Our mission is to be a catalyst mobilizing higher educational institutions to collaborate in student campaigns and academic agendas to end hunger, both locally and globally. 


Collaborating actively on this project is International Student Association or ISA Leeuwarden. Our role is to lessen the burden of thousands of international students in Leeuwarden, by helping them settle into their new academic journey. Moreover, ISA Leeuwarden provides students with great opportunities for those who seek fulfilment during their studies. 

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This art exhibition is dedicated to Port Alfred Soup Kitchen in South Africa across the street from our Stenden South Africa campus. It is a Non-Profit based in Port Alfred, South Africa - feeding hundreds of people each week in the Ndlambe Area. 


The soup kitchen receives no funding from government organisations and are run only on donations and fundraising efforts. The vision is to continue growing to feed on a daily basis. All funds are used expressly for feeding the needy as everyone involved in helping are volunteers therefore there are no salaries etc

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